Art work | 參展藝術作品介紹

邱锡鹏 静物系列45x60cm 木板坦培拉 2014


Qiu Xipeng sincerely intends to recover the classic elegance from the early Renaissance period in his paintings, and he succeeded in doing so, not only in the style, but also in the sense. As a revivalist, he has a classical taste in present day, as it exists in all times, to be accessible by those who are fond of it.
Intoxicated with murals, Qiu is particularly obsessed with the color of soil which is the color of the past, but warm. When the grand summer has been long gone and the autumn is about to pass, the color of soil maximizes its richness, warmth and desolation, with ashes to ashes and dust to dust. But he also pursues the light. With the steadfast outline, he is clearly saying something cloudy with gray yet bright tone, saying the calmness that is on the verge of loneliness. Landscape, still life, people, large mountains, the vast earth, or plain things such as quilts, tents, bottles, or gloves, he pursues the architectural and solemn sense. This obsession is also shared by structuralist and the admirers of the ancient times: on the one side he is questioning the eternality, and praising the order; on the other side he commemorating the dead and past, commemorating those that have passed, and those that will in the end pass away.




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