Art work | 參展藝術作品介紹

CDQ029(原作-有框)陈丹青 无题 64.5x50cm 彩色粉画 2006


Both lines and colors can be seen in pastels and this is an advantage. A pastel can be eithera sketch or a colorful oil painting. However, Chen Danqing’s pastels liebetween the two, in which lines and colors are in harmony. He ever studiedpersonally from French masters, so his works combine Chardin’s simplicity, Watteau’sextravagance, Manet’s brightness, and Degas’s integration of lines and colors. AncientChinese artists laid much emphasis on keeping the writing brush perpendicularwith the paper and the tip of the brush in the middle of the lines, and this iswhat we call “zhong feng yong bi”. From Renaissance to 19th century, pencils werealso usually used this way to draw sketches in Europe. Chen was originally goodat sketching. It was after he went to New York in 1980s that he began to drawpastels. For him, the feel is equally good. But his pastels are more exquisiteand more reversionary than his sketches. “Zhong feng yong bi” is fully applied.Lines start and extend naturally. The profile of bodies, the weight, the space,the volume, and bones and flesh are all started from lines and finished withlines. Abundant shapes, vivid gestures, chubby bodies and even the temperatureof the skin are fully displayed on the paper.




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