About Liushan

Liu Shan has been enthralled with art since a young age. His lifelong interest began with photography and expanded later into oil and ink paintings, calligraphy, ceramics and furniture. Over two decades ago, art became his center of gravity and led him to amass an impressive collection of art works. He acquired knowledge, expertise and intuition in the process, which have come together to become Liu Shan’s own GPS. When appraising works of art, he goes in search of unique identities and dispositions. Liu Shan says that artistic intentions, background, creative accomplishments, uniqueness of style and overall narrative theme are essential elements of an accomplished artist.

About No.55 Art Space

No55Artspace is an exquisite 680 square meter space located on two floors of a traditional Chinese house and complemented by a tranquil courtyard. Its number, 55, spelled a karmic sign to Liu Shan as, within the intricacies of the Chinese language, the number 55 means “I rediscover myself at 50.” This coincided with that distinct moment in Liu Shan’s life.
It is intentionally designed to step away from the sterile environment of a traditional “white-box” gallery space to immerse artists, collectors and admirers of art in an experience of rich Chinese artistic traditions within a contemporary setting.
The first floor is divided into an exhibition hall and tea-drinking parlor. The second floor houses “Scholar Shan’s” study room – an interior design concept piloted by Liu Shan – as well as an additional exhibition hall.
The gallery holds about 10 exhibitions per annum. It is also a place to share one’s artistic wisdom and experience art over a cup of China’s finest tea.